12 February, 2010

Total Badasses: Mariusz Pudzianowski

Being a "strong man" is a really cool thing to be, especially if you are "strong" as your profession, like Mariusz here is. Mariusz (also called "Dominator" and "Big Python"), a resident of Poland, has won the World's Strongest Man competition more times than any other individual, with five wins.

Apart from being strong, Mariusz also appears to have a "moral conscience", which is cool; he actually once spent some time in jail for beating up a local Polish mafia boss who he saw physically beating a young boy.

He has also competed in Polish Dancing With The Stars, which is a cool "contrast" to being strong.

The coolest Mariusz quote was from just before he was about to compete in his first ever MMA match; Mariusz, a trained boxer, was quoted as saying: "The left hand brings death, but the right one even I am afraid of." Totally badass.


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