21 February, 2010


Clocks are cool. There's so many different kinds, and they're such an important part of everyday life. I love the idea of "craftsmanship" when it comes to reading the time. My favourite kinds of clocks are these^^ wall-mounted, simple, and easy-to-read classic looking ones, they're so classy and "functional". The kind that you'd see in an old train station - or in a hotel lobby, where they're in a series, with London, New York, etc on a nameplate above. Fuck yeah.

Also, watches. I seriously think "anything goes" when it comes to watches. I really want one of these, because its like... 2 things. A watch AND a calculator. If it EVER came in handy... like in an everyday situation, i'd be so pleased with myself for purchasing it. Calculator watches own.

Timepieces... such revolutionary technology design... the evolution of the clock would be an awesome, long book to read; Especially if there were millions of pictures to look at.

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