30 June, 2010


Would writing "Paradise is Awesome" be the stupidest thing ever?... yeah it would be.

But it totally is awesome. Hanging out there for a Gentleman's 10 centuries in the afterlife would be fucking handy, dude. Just chilling out, enjoying some Paradise.

Here's another thing:

Perhaps this is a loose connection... The resort vacation that Corbin won in the competition named "Floston, Paradise" - but whatever.

Best monologue in cinema history? #BigCalls

Easily the Most Underrated thing Ever

I can't believe how great this song is. Cool, average-American looking Joe writes incredible Soft Rock jam, and gets Michael McDonald to guest on it. Members of Dot-Com generation cotton on. Elevator music is cool in 2010.

Ride Like The Wind, motherfuckers.


Iron Maiden Artwork

Ok, so I probably should point out I'm late to the party here. Also, I'm really not trying to be the "Irony" guy - because that's terrible. But seriously, at complete face value alone, this:

Fucken Iron Maiden man. I'm never going to want to hear guitars that loud in person. I will never buy a "second kick pedal". I'm pretty comfortable with my experience listening to "turned all the way up to 3" two-guitar jams.

But from this day forward, any CD I buy will have artwork at least ^this^ badass.

PS: I know, right!? electricity has begun to engulf the pyramid.

Total Badasses: Gambit

Gambit, bro. Or Remy Etienne LeBeau, if you want his real name. THAT'S RIGHT, HE'S CAJUN, BITCHES.

Gambit is a mutant, part of the Uncanny X-Men series of comics. He holds power over people with his immense charm, and uses telekinesis to propel and explode things. Gambit's 'trademark' is card throwing attacks, but he also kicks ass hand-to-hand, and with a staff. Ranged and Melee.

He's also the X-Man who manages to score with Rogue. Totally. Badass.

For more Total Badasses, go here.

Can You Feel It?

Just, wow. One of the most perplexing & beautiful moments in the history of music & music video. Please, Enjoy.

Chaos Mage

Some things are just incredibly awesome Google Image "search terms". These two words are incredible searches. Try it out.

Fucken Chaos Mage, bro. If I ever see a job offer advertised in the newspaper that reads "Chaos Mage" as the headline, I'm taking it. No questions asked. Cast some motherfucking spells.

"Shadow Treasurer"

Hey, so isn't this a really, really badass job title? In Australian politics, the opposition's would-be treasurer is known as the Shadow Treasurer. I don't think any other job that uncool would have such a fucken cool name.

Imagine what a more dramatic version of a Shadow Treasurer would do? Whoa. Nice.