27 September, 2010

Blade Dance!

Anyone want to learn a cool dance? Ready? Go!

Man, I'm definitely doing this with my bride at my wedding.


Archaeopteryx, I think we can all agree is a great example *Slides glasses up bridge of nose* of a "transitional fossil" between Bird and Dinosaur. He is also the fanciest and most "glam" motherfucker this side of the Cretacious Period. What a genius... Imagine being ripped apart by the Killing Claw of this fancy boy, he reminds me of "Vega" from the Street Figther series...

In that they both really brings a little "showmanship" to the art of Disemboweling a guy.

26 September, 2010

Whoa. Hive Mind!

Collective consciousness.... Swarm Intelligence..... Hive Mind. There are probably very specific and scientific details and levels to each of these terms, but I'm going to go an pretend they all describe the same thing. Basically, we're talking about a group of natural or artificial individual things (famously Bees) showing signs of collective thought or intelligence. In nature, this behaviour is seen in colonies of ants, schools of fish, livestock, birds, and bacteria.

Its more "mindblowing" though, if you think of the concept applied to human (or superhuman/extra terrestrial) beings. The ending of that new Indiana Jones comes to mind, where the council of Aliens were absorbing and sharing as much knowledge about the universe as possible. A portal to another world was opened when this stream of collective hyperconsciousness was interrupted....

I came up with a supervillain idea the other day, named "The Swarm" where the nefarious humanoid guy was actually just a swarm of collectively-conscious superinsects wearing a "man-suit". Shotgun the copyright on that one, suckers. (But let's face it, its probably already been done.)


The Hill. The smaller, more peaceful cousin of the Mountain, but with a certain serene dignity that makes them a dreamy addition to any large-scale landscape. Hills just chill out there, on the side of the road, just being totally cool with everything. Congratulations, hills - you're awesome.


19 September, 2010

Death's Head Hawk Moth

Have four words ever met that made more sense to be together than these four? I think I've gone and discovered the most amazingly named animal in the entire living universe. The Death's Head Hawk Moth. HAWK MOTH! Holy fuck, look at this guy.

The actual species names for these moths are Atropos & Styx. If you're any sort of Greek Mythology wizard, you'll know that Atropos is the member of the three "Fates"... They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. Atropos is he one who cuts the thread of life. Boom. Styx is the name of the famed "River of the Dead". Boom.

What a fucking morbid moth! Best moth ever.

Total Badasses: Wario

Look at Wario, man. He has ALL the coins. Awesome. He probably got that treasure by doing some "nefarious deeds", or something. Wario pretty much follows the generic-incompetent-bad-guy-who-resembles-his-nemesis... villain formula, which in this case, relates to nemesis Super Mario. Resembles, in that they both appear to be middle aged, working class Italian men working for similarly uniformed plumbing companies. Regardless, in their historic confrontations, Wario always managed to fall flat on his face in attempts to get the best of Mario. This relationship stood, until he was credited with his own franchise, the WarioLand and subsequent WarioWear series.

Ever since, Wario has seemed like a favourite of the Nintendo creative team, taking on more of an 'antihero' persona, and generally starring in some pretty entertaining games. I like the guy.

He has such an amazing laugh, too:

Wario's Laugh

Great stuff. With a laugh like that, no wonder he gets all the treasure.

For more total badasses, click here.

14 September, 2010


Yeah yeah, Dark Side of the Moon and shit, but seriously - Splitting light up into its constituent spectral colors is the best fun ever.

This process probably has some real-world, important scientific applications - and that's great and all, but I'm just impressed that you can "do rainbows" with a Prism. Prism is a fucking remarkable word, too - doesn't even need very many vowels. Cool shit.

Apparently there's also something called a "Grism". Its a Grating Prism, and I believe its used in telescopes. Grism. That's funny.

"Mind Prison" anyone?

Holy shit, Mind Prison. Imagine being incarcerated in one of these... Its IMPOSSIBLE TO BREAK FREE FROM. I love concepts like this, because they're so ridiculous and leave so much unexplained. But still, there probably should be a 1984-esque movie where someone is sentenced to serve a life sentence in "Mind Prison" just because that shit sounds so good on paper.

"He paid the ultimate price... Imprisonment inside HIS OWN MIND."

Read my Demolition Man post for inspiration. I'm sure Lux (if he wasn't dead) could suggest a few obscure Science Fiction movies where this very thing has happened, but to my mind - I'm sitting on a Goldmine. Seems like a place the post-Matrix audience is ready to visit. :)

13 September, 2010

UFO Enthusiasts

I know I'm not the only one here, but I see UFO's as one of the more modern religions. I can see the appeal, too. Having a passion, or a belief that's so easily and readily discounted by the population, one that you truly commit to... Like... go ALL the way for, is just awesome. If we're being honest, is anyone who prays really praying to a more tangible/realistic/believable god than whatever this guy's got going on?

Ok so that guy was pretty great. Pretty harmless, too. This was from a show by Louis Theroux, a guy Luxury Wolf got me onto. Seriously, EVERYTHING Theroux did was amazing, but the video below could be the highlight.

In this episode, he travels into the Nevadan and Californian deserts, in search of evidence proving the existence of Extra-Terrestrial life. Here's Reverend Robert Short, one of the (best) guys (ever) Louis meets while visiting the "Blue Rose Ministry":

I know, right?

01 September, 2010

Total Badasses: Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu is the most enigmatic and mysterious character in (both) the Tekken and Soul Calibur game franchises. He is described as a "Space Ninja" and his appearance changes dramatically between releases. Despite this, He always fights wearing spectacular-looking armor, and weilding a "Cursed Blade". He's an absolute lunatic, his moveset is second to none, and his cut-scenes are always the most epic and outlandish (aside from guys like Mokujin, who i'll probably include in the blog later).

Yoshimitsu is able to spit out noxious gas, teleport, turn invisible, run at an amazing speed, and able to fly - by rapidly spinning his sword like a helicopter rotor.

I'm a huge fan of the Tekken series, but certainly not an expert on storylines. Here's what I could decode from my research:

Yoshimitsu is the (current?) leader of the Manji Clan. The blade wielded by Yoshimitsu is also called "Yoshimitsu"... presumably because it holds the spirits of all the former leaders. After a token "respect" storyline in Tekken 1 - Yoshimitsu enters the second Tekken tournament to rescue his friend Dr. Boskonovitch.

Yoshimitsu reappears in Tekken 3 (the best overall game in the series), trying to help Boskonovitch, whose daughter is suffering from a mysterious disease. In Tekken 4, he attempts to form alliances between the Zaibatsu and the Manji Clan.

In Tekken 5 - he seeks out Bryan Fury (another total badass, and my personal favourite Tekken storyline) - who had brutally slaughtered members of Yoshimitsu's clan. And in Tekken 6, Yoshi attempts to find a new sword after realizing that his current one is a cursed weapon driving him insane.

That was a mouthful. Just play some fucken Tekken. For more total badasses, click here.

Mayan Cosmos

Man, the Mayans had some the most mind-shattering ideas... This is just amazing. I love how non-chalant this seems with the labelling/captions on it. "Now, over here is the Sun Jaguar, which is just next to the Vision Serpent..."

Sun Jaguar.

Vision Serpent.

I would easily go for this belief system, based purely on the kind of shit these "Ancient Skywatchers" were churning out - its all so much cooler, more badass, and more vibrant stuff than anything Jesus had to offer. Anyways, here's a colourful version, because colours are fun.

Kind of an awesome way to summarize your entire existence, and keep your people in line. "Bird of Heaven, Cosmic Monster... You get it... Just obey them." Instant civilization!