13 May, 2012

Relaxation with Porco Rosso!

Nothing says "Paradise" like a naturally enclosed body of pure, crystal clear water. This^ image is from "Porco Rosso" the animated Miyazaki masterpiece about the Italian Half-man-Half-Pig Fighter Pilot. His "hideout" is in this lovely little cove, where he can park his plane, sit about and just listen to the wireless - being a badass.


Looks so fucken relaxing, I'd love to have one of these to retreat to, when the rat race starts getting me down. Paradise, man.

This movie is fucking amazing.

Nag Champa

Add this guy to the "stuff that smells really great" column (I assume you've all drawn up a column for smells somewhere in your exercise books). Nag Champa incense sticks. Boom.

Nag Champa. It only does one thing, but it does it well. That's the greatest attribute a thing can have: being a no-nonsense, up-the-guts, straight shooter. And that's Nag Champa all the way, bro. Get some, burn it, then hang out. That's all there is to it.