13 June, 2012

Sunken Wreck

Fuckin' sunken ship wrecks, bro. Underwater treasure hunting at its finest. I would love to explore a sunken ancient vessel, recover some crazy old vase with jewels inside of it. Jewels are the greatest. Deep sea archaeology sounds like an amazing profession. So does jewel smuggling. There's a whole other world down there.

13 May, 2012

Relaxation with Porco Rosso!

Nothing says "Paradise" like a naturally enclosed body of pure, crystal clear water. This^ image is from "Porco Rosso" the animated Miyazaki masterpiece about the Italian Half-man-Half-Pig Fighter Pilot. His "hideout" is in this lovely little cove, where he can park his plane, sit about and just listen to the wireless - being a badass.


Looks so fucken relaxing, I'd love to have one of these to retreat to, when the rat race starts getting me down. Paradise, man.

This movie is fucking amazing.

Nag Champa

Add this guy to the "stuff that smells really great" column (I assume you've all drawn up a column for smells somewhere in your exercise books). Nag Champa incense sticks. Boom.

Nag Champa. It only does one thing, but it does it well. That's the greatest attribute a thing can have: being a no-nonsense, up-the-guts, straight shooter. And that's Nag Champa all the way, bro. Get some, burn it, then hang out. That's all there is to it.

25 February, 2012

Making An Entrance!

Making an Entrance: The theatrical term entrance, is the appearance of a character on screen or stage.

Dude, imagine being able to bring an epic level of fanfare every time you turn up anywhere. It would be so much fun to add production values to real life like that. Heavy metal theme song, fireworks, flames, lighting effects and signature taunting would be epic. Surrounded by heavily muscled roman guards. I want that every time I enter a room. Forever.

No holds barred, motherfucker. Just such a spot-on way to indtimidate 50,000 people at once. Maybe on my 60th birthday my family can buy me this as a grand entrance. Or maybe they can set it up for the day I enter prison.

Or this:

Total Badasses: Ganon

I'm not even a Zelda guy. That's the fucked up thing. Although I might be soon, after hearing a little about old mate Ganon (also known as Ganondorf). The king of evil.

Ganondorf is the embodiment of a demon called Ganon, an all powerful warlord with aspirations for domination of Hyrule. Usually, this includes capturing Princess Zelda, acquiring the Triforce of Power, and generally/ultimately being thwarted by Link (duh). Lots of cool shit going on, all over the place. Ganon appears in plenty of different forms, too! So he's a pretty cool badass as he stands above, but here's Phantom Ganon, on a horse. Horse!

Dick with this:

And one more for good luck, Ganon the Demon-Pig Behemoth!:

Think twice before crossing paths with this motherfucker, that's for sure. He'll get ya good.

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