29 May, 2010

Bebop & Rocksteady

Ok, so what is it with kids' fascination with "Humanoid Animals"? Its actually known as Theriocephaly. Which is cool - hey, look! We all just learned something!

Anyways yeah - hybrids. Are they just awesome? Guys with animal features, but strong, human-like muscles. Yeah! It would be very cool if they existed in real life. But they don't, so here's this:

Bebop & Rocksteady. They're the enemies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (also pretty cool), and the evil Shredder (!)'s henchmen. They use freakin' guns, and just tear shit up - they're just awesome, fun brawlers. They're basically just tough comic relief dudes in the cartoon, but whatever - its all about the action figures.

How good were the bebop and Rocksteady action figures! You could do so much "action" with those figures, man. Great "baddie" guys to smash your "goodie" guys into. Great fun.

Action figures rule.

http://dchan316.deviantart.com/ made the image. Its pretty badass.

27 May, 2010

I Survived

*Potentially upsetting/disturbing content disclaimer*

This series, man. So intense. Wait for the third guy. Holy shit.

Basically, its about people who have really, really realistic brushes with death. And like... talk in depth about it. Its fucked up, but also really amazing.

Man, as if a show like this even exists. The future has arrived.

Honest John

Honest John. He's very, very cool. Basically, he's a good-for-nothing hobo Fox, with a catchy name and a sly disposition. Also he wears human clothes and walks on two legs. He meets this little puppet boy, Pinocchio - on his way to school (at this point, Pinocchio knows literally NOTHING about the ways of the world).

Honest John convinces Pinocchio that he should skip school and become a star instead, under his guidance. Also, later he convinces Pinocchio he is sick and suggests a vacation on "Pleasure Island" (Bam!) as treatment. Anyways, here's how it went down:

Man, Disney are geniuses. I'm such a Disney Mark.

Anyways, yeah - Foxes + Disney = great stuff.


So, there was this awesome sword....

Hahaha, I realized as I typed it - that is such a good way to begin a story. It'd have me hooked.

Anyways, there was this awesome sword. This dude, named King Arthur - was given Excalibur by the Lady in the Lake, or something. And then later there was another sword or something, and it got stuck in a stone, and only Arthur, the true king could remove it. Ok, so I guess that wasn't such a great story. But seriously, go read about English folklore, its amazing.

Also, remember that game Excalibur? You might have played it in "Primary School" or something, you use cards - and those cards have weapons on them - its kind of like a larger-group game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. One guy would have Excalibur on his card, and if you were unlucky enough to challenge that guy, you'd - I dunno "lose", or some shit. Its better if you just remember it.

Anyways, Excalibur.


I want to be buried in one of THESE motherfuckers:

Man, that would be so fucken cool. All glorious and lavish and shit, I'd be the most "bling" dead guy ever. You know what else are cool? Crypts, man. Fucken Mausoleums, tombs - graveyards in general.

People get all this really cool shit done to them when they die, for some reason. I'm all for it, because I'm greedy and don't care what money gets spent on me after I'm dead. I'm going all out. Plus, the bonus is - if I become a Ghost or a Spectre or something, I'm going to have a fucking awesome house all ready to live in and have "ghoulish parties" in. Yeah.

15 May, 2010


Check this phenomenal animal out! Its like a horse and a zebra went into "The Fly" technology stuff - and then this came out! Quagga. If these guys were part of some sort of Animaltopia or something, they'd be the King (the king would be a Lion or Orangutan, the jury's still out)'s most trusted servants, and they'd wear fancy gilded robes or armor or some shit.

Unfortunately they're extinct. While we're on topic - has anyone seen "The Island of Dr Moreau" starring Marlon Brando? Shit's fucking crazy. Want to watch that one again for sure.

Now that we're off topic - I'm currently listening to ABBA's "Waterloo" incredible song, I think ABBA are just epically underrated.

07 May, 2010

Catastrophic Failure

Hey, so I was just trying to run a System Restore on my little notebook. It failed, but it didn't just experience failure. It experienced what Windows 7 lovingly referred to as a "catastrophic failure". Now, I'm not going to start posting pictures with "epic fail" and whatever, because that's totally gay and annoying - but here's something I absolutely loved. When you type "failure" (nothing more, just to get a definition of the word) into Wikipedia search, here's the corresponding image:


Mrs. Susan Walker

I got an incredible email in my spam folder recently. It was the usual fare, with 16.6 million dollars being laundered through my bank account, if I was willing to help out this person with that and whatever, but this one had a really awesome twist. It was from a woman named Susan Walker, a widow of someone associated with the Texaco corporation. She was 69 years old, never remarried, and without children. Here's what she signed off with:

This is to ensure that nothing jeopardizes my last wish on Earth.
I await your urgent reply. May almighty God bless you and your family.


Mrs. Susan Walker

03 May, 2010